ARK No. D50-21DD
Arrived at ARK August 2020
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in March, 2008
Weight 12.1kg (as of September 2020)
Breed Shiba Inu
Background Tuck was brought to ARK after his owner passed away.  

One thing is for certain, I can strike a pose! I may be a little shy to start with, but over time I warm up to people and enjoy going for leisurely walks together. In fact, I love my walks so much that when its time to go home, I will lie on my back and try to convince you to stay out a little longer. Volunteers think its quite cute. I’m not a huge fan of the vets and I get a little nervous, but over time I hope to overcome my fears. I would prefer to be the only dog in a household, as I can be rather picky with other dogs. Having nowhere to go after my previous owner passed away, I was brought to ARK but I am hopeful that I will meet someone wonderful. Staff think I will make a lovely addition to a family and I’m sure you will too.