ARK No. C26-41BB
Arrived at ARK June 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born on May 2018
Weight 1.2kg (as of July 2018)
Colour Tabby
Background Tsuyu-chan came as a stray when she was lost from her parents.

I’m Tsuyu-chan! I was a stray kitten, and used to be incredibly nervous. But since I’ve been living with my foster parents, I’m not scared of people anymore! I’ll even roll over on my back in front of strangers so they can rub my belly! If you ask me what my best features are, everyone loves my long tufty ear hair! I’m close to my sister Ame-chan, so adopt us together, pretty please? I’m still growing, so I’m looking for parents who can stay home with me as much as possible! I’m with foster parents right now, so I’ll be back at the shelter at the end of September!