Born in March, 2009
Toy poodle


ARK No. TC10-43
Arrived at ARK August 2010
Age Born in March 2009
Breed Toy poodle
Colour Mottled Tortoise/Tabby
Background Rescued from an apartment that does not allow pets.

I’m Tsubaki. I’m a little shy and cautious at first glance, but I am just as sweet as my sister, Yuri. My voice is just as pretty, too. I don’t like dogs much, though, and if one gets too close to me, I’ll growl at him in a very theatening manner. Honestly, though, my bark is much worse than my bite– to speak in dog terms. I’m usually relaxed and pleasant to be around! Like my sister Yuri, you can tell I’m happy if my tail is pointing straight up… and it usually is (unless there are any dogs around)! Please think of me for relaxing, calm companionship.