ARK No. D50-21EE
Arrived at ARK June 2021
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in November 2014
Weight 6.0 kgs (As of July 2021) We are currently trying to increase Trolley’s weight.
Breed Dachshund
Colour Cream
Background Ever since Trolley’s family were in a car accident, they became very strict and tough with Trolley. He was rescued and brought to ARK.

Hello, Trolley here. I am a very sweet and calm little guy who was brought to ARK due to my former owner’s difficult circumstances. Unfortunately, I wasn’t treated very nicely. However, I am a very good boy who although a little shy at first, will quickly become your new best friend. I am an avid walker and don’t tug on the lead, I am very calm at the vets and of course, I love to be with people. When it comes to other dogs, I get rather frightened when one suddenly approaches me. Due to my timid nature with other dogs, staff think its best I remain the only dog in the household. I am finding shelter life to be quite stressful and difficult for me and due to this stress, I tend to leave my food. Staff are trying to “fatten me up” a little to increase my body weight now. I really hope to find a new family who will not be away from the house for too long (I get a little lonely) and be patient and kind to me.