ARK No. D52-15HH
Arrived at ARK March 2024
Location Tokyo ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in November 2017
Weight 11.4kg
Breed French bulldog
Background Trevi's family suffered from allergies and were no longer able to keep him.

What is it about French Bulldogs that make people smile? Is it their goofiness? Or perhaps their loving and affectionate personality? Their cute noses? Either way, they are wonderful dogs. Trevi is no different. He is full of life and has much love to give. We love the way he crawls onto people’s laps to demand attention and cuddles! Trevi is also very active and agile and will even run around in his kennel for the fun of it. He gets along with other dogs, has a very healthy appetite (no leftovers here!) and is generally very easy going. We hope this wonderful boy meets his very own forever family, who will love and care for him the way he deserves.