ARK No. D47-93AA
Arrived at ARK September 2017
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in June 2017
Weight 7.6kg (as of November 2017)
Breed Zasshu
Colour Brown
Background Torres was rescued in Yamaguchi Prefecture when she was very small.

“Play with me!!!!” That’s my way of saying hello! I….LOVE….PEOPLE! I can’t help but get so excited when people visit my kennel that I will run in circles and give you plenty of kisses, however if you tell me to sit, I will. You see, I’m a smart gal. I am so friendly and fun to have around so I really hope I find my forever family soon. I am known for my puppy-dog expression that people find hard to say “no” to. Why not come visit and see for yourself?