ARK No. D48-32BB
Arrived at ARK March 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in August 2003
Weight 6.7kg
Breed Mame-Shiba Inu
Colour Brown & White
Background Ten’s owner had to relocate and couldn’t take him along. 

A mame-shiba? You may be thinking, whats that? Well, “mame” in Japanese means bean…so this translates into being a tiny shiba. Which is definitely what I am. I’m tiny! I am obviously very cute, but I’m also very sweet and I enjoy following people around. At age 14, you’d think that I’d like to relax and sleep all day, but I can still see and hear very clearly, so I like to play. Walking is a great hobby of mine as is eating yummy treats. Staff think I may have had some bad experiences with people in the past. I’m a little hand shy, but if you pet me very gently and reassuringly, I’m one content and happy pup. I would make a lovely addition to the family because clearly, I am a perfect 10.