ARK No. TC22-12
Arrived at ARK May 2022
Location Tokyo ARK
Sex Female
Age Born around October, 2019
Weight 3.5 kg
Background The former home owner moved but couldn’t take the cats.

Ten, Kijina, Zenjina and Ernie are all siblings and once lived together. Ten doesn’t need to stay with her siblings though – she would be happy in a forever home with no other cats, just relaxing and doing as she pleases, when she please.

When Ten was first rescued, she spent her first days hiding in the very top cabinet, known in Japanese as a “tenbukuro”, hence her name, “Ten”.

Ten had not really been socialized and is still shy, but is learning to trust people at her foster home.

Initially, Ten spent all her days hiding – so well that we often had trouble finding her! These days, she’s happy to come out for food!

We hope you’ll want to give this shy girl a happy home of her own.