Born in 2002~2004
Yorkshire Terrier


ARK No. D39-80V
Arrived at ARK July 2012
Sex Female
Age Born in 2002~2004
Colour Black x brown
Breed Yorkshire Terrier
Weight 2.5kg
Background She was found shivering under a car and was rescued.

Scary camera, scary camera….. I really don’t like that camera. Don’t be put off by my scared face. I am really cute. I just don’t like cameras! It seems I was a breeding dog. I have scars from cesareans. I guess I was no longer of use so I got dumped! Can you believe that? The crazy thing is that I am so sweet and I love people so much. I am very tiny and will be an easy dog to keep. Now I am at a staff member’s house. Please tell ARK in advance when you want to come see me.