Born in June 2012
Poodle x Maltese


ARK No D42-135W
Arried at ARK September 2013
Sex Male
Age Born in June 2012
Weight 5.6kg
Breed Poodle x Maltese
Colour Brown
Background The children wanted a dog so the parents bought one. Then the children got tired of taking care of the dog and the parents tired of it as well. He as then abandoned.

I might look 100% poodle but I actually am half Maltese. Do I look happy? I am an extremely cheerful little guy. You would think that when my irresponsible family left me here I might be sad. Nope. I was telling all the staff “play with me! play with me!” I am just a year old and I still am very much a puppy. I need a family that will train me and give me a lot of experiences. A trained dog is a happy dog! I hope you will come see me.