ARK No. D51-40FF
Arrived at ARK June 2022
Location Sasayama
Sex Male
Age Born in June, 2019
Weight 10.8 kgs (As of July 2022)
Breed Shiba Inu Cross
Background Tamarisk’s owner was elderly and unable to care for him adequately.

eet sweet Tamarisk. This gentle and easy going boy grew up in the mountains with hardly any socialization. Because of this, Tamarisk is a little timid and wary of his surroundings. However, he is gradually coming out of his shell and will now come up to people asking for a cuddle. He is very fond of his walks and loves his food. Although he has an element of shyness to him, Tamarisk is really beginning to shine and all we hope for now, is a kind family who will be very patient towards his needs. He is a lovely boy, so we hope you will come meet him soon!