Sweet Pea

Born on February 10 2015
Brown & Black


ARK No. 31Y
Arrived at ARK March 2015
Sex Female
Age Born on February 10 2015
Size 4.1 kg as of April 2015. Will probably be medium sized.
Colour Brown & Black
Background Born to a feral mother.

All named after beautiful flowers, four puppies started life in Osaka. Sweet Pea and her brother Foxglove made the trip to Tokyo and are busy preparing for life in a forever home with the support of their foster family. Unlike many siblings, these two get on so well there is never a cross word spoken between them. Sweet Pea (“Sweetie”) won’t rush to meet other dogs or people, but is fine with either once she knows them. She is no shrinking violet, though – Sweetie knows her own mind and is prepared to go to bat for what she wants. We hoping someone will find this little lady as irresistible as we do!