ARK No. TC23-05
Arrived at ARK February 2023
Location Tokyo ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in January, 2021
Weight 4.4 kg
Background From a Hoarder’s Den to Foster Care in Tokyo

Don’t be fooled by the cool exterior, when Suika plays with toys, he’s a little fireball♪

Suika is a little cautious of people, but that won’t stop him from shyly rubbing around your legs and asking for affection. If his protege Ichijiku pesters him too much, he’s quite likely to give her a quick clip across the ears, but most of the time, he’s as gentle as can be.

He’s formed a strong bond with Acerola – the two are definitely BFFs♡Suika has taken on the role of carefully grooming Acerola’s fur until it shines! We’d love to see these two best buds go to their forever home together♪