ARK No. C26-12EE
Arrived at ARK July 2021
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in August, 2017
Weight 4.0 kg (as of July 2021)
Background Sudachi first came to ARK when he was surrendered by his owner. The owner had too many cats to adequately care for.

Sniff Sniff…. Do I smell a treat hiding in your pocket? That’s my usual go-to-question. You see, I rather like my food. So much so, that when no one is looking, I try to steal food from the other cats! (Shhh, don’t tell). Apart from that, I am a very sweet boy who loves cuddles and affection from people. I may start off a little “shy and aloof” but before you know it, I’m a cuddle-bug. I came to Ark with Bankan, who is my father. He’s a very good kitty too. I was once adopted here at ARK, but sadly returned as my owner felt it wasn’t a good match. I hope to be luckier this time!