ARK No. TC19−02
Arrived at ARK March 2019
Sex Male
Age Born in February 2015
Weight 6.7kg (as of March 2019)
Colour Silverpatched tabby
Background His family was unable to take him when they returned to their country.
I’m Stor.  I seem to be everywhere, because I always show up out of nowhere if you call for me. I’m quick to adapt to a new environment. I have a big welcoming heart, and in the mornings I’ll come find you for a cuddle!
My name means “big” in Danish. I may look like a big baby, but I’m also fast and agile!
I’ve never lived with cats other than my brother Mawr, so I hope to find a home without any other cats. And it would be even more delightful if you can take both of us!