ARK No. D49-18CC
Arrived at ARK February 2019
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in February 2010
Weight 8.47kg (as of February 2019)
Breed Dachshund
Colour Cream
Background Spike was rescued along with 14 other dogs from an owner who surrendered them.

I was born without the ability to see so I don’t really miss it. I am very energetic and friendly towards everyone. So friendly that I will even ask people I meet for the first time for a belly rub. Trims and trips to the vets don’t bother me and I walk along without pulling on the leash. Although I cannot see, I can use training pads and have very good hearing so will get up as soon as someone calls me or even walks by. Hopefully my next home will be slightly quieter than the last as I lived with 14 other dogs.