ARK No. D50-41EE
Arrived at ARK August 2021
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in August 2011
Weight 13.8kg (as of September 2021)
Breed Crossbreed
Background Sooty’s owner passed away and due to his wife’s inability to walk, Sooty and Sweep were surrendered to ARK.

With my beautiful black and white colouring, sparkly eyes, and sweet disposition, I would make a lovely new family member. I’m often told I have an adorable tail, smiley face and it looks as if I’m wearing socks! I didn’t have much experience on walks, so getting used to a harness and lead took some time but now I’m walking much more confidently, and I don’t tug at all. I hope to be rehomed with Sweep, who came to ARK with me, but I can also be rehomed on my own. Either way, I would love a second chance at life and be welcomed by a loving family. I really am a good boy, so I hope you will consider me next time you visit ARK!