ARK No. TC18-17
Arrived at ARK August 2018
Sex Male
Age Born in June 2018
Weight 1.8 kg (as of August 2018)
Colour Grey
Background Found in a weakened state in a carpark

Sivo was found in a severely weakened state when he was rescued at barely one month old. His nasty cat cold has left its mark on his eyes: he only has sight in one. His rescuers’ heroic efforts have had a greater effect, though. Sivo is now a strong, healthy kitten with a vibrant personality. One bad eye? So what? he says! This tiny boy is ready for whatever life brings his way! His favourite things? People, of course! 

Now living with a foster family, Sivo is learning to get on with dogs and cats. He’s also found a wonderful new friend – a stuffed elephant toy!

While Sivo’s name means “grey” in Bosnian, he brings nothing but sunshine and joy to the people around him.