Born in September 2012
Ginger tabby


ARK No. TC12-31
Arrived at ARK September 2012
Sex Male
Age Born in September 2012
Colour Ginger tabby
Background Found at a factory in Yokohama.

Aren’t I just one of the sweetest kittens you have ever seen? When I stretch out on people’s laps and purr loudly, everybody tells me I’m adorable, but sometimes when I’m hanging from my foster dog’s tail for a ride or clambering into a cupboard while my foster mother puts dishes away, she calls me “little monster”. My crazy antics make everybody laugh. The other cats and dog at my foster home love me, especially when I curl up and rest with them, so I’m sure I can live in a multi-cat or dog household, as long as someone will play with me a lot. Please come and meet me soon!