Around 3 or 4 as of May 2014


Arrived at ARK May 2014
Sex Female
Age Around 3 or 4 as of May 2014
Size 10.5kg
Colour Brown
Background Taken in by another welfare organization and adopted to a family about one year ago. Brought to ARK because she remained timid.

Sienna’s last family said they could not keep her because they had not been able to train her – she was too timid. She is shy, but a really lovely dog! Her previous owner said it was not possible to housetrain her, but after only a week at her foster home, she is already 80 percent housebroken! Sienna has beautiful big ears and a charming white streak across her nose! We think she has had to put up with so many changes in her short life that she just hasn’t been able to catch up. If you are prepared to get to know and love this girl on her timetable, you might just be the one for her!