ARK No. D50-4DD
Arrived at ARK February 2020
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born around 2009
Weight 3.4kg(as of February 2020)
Breed Poodle
Colour White
Background Rehomed by her rescuer, Shizu-chan was ill-treated and happily ended up at ARK.

Hi everyone! I’m Shizu-chan! I’m new to walks and am a little insecure about it. The folks at ARK tried to walk me with a nice long lead, but I thought they were leaving me! That was a little embarrassing! I’m trying to work on my trust issues: I love people and I‘m happy to come to you if you call my name. While I’m somewhat indifferent to other dogs, I’m not a fighter, either. I’m pretty good with grooming and going to the vet. I don’t eat a lot, but maybe I’m not quite used to being in a shelter. I’d really love to find my real forever home!