ARK No. 26-4FF
Arrived at ARK March 2022
Sex Female
Age Born in June 2013
Background Shishi’s family got divorced and moved into no-pet housing.

Beautiful Shishi was first brought to ARK as a kitten and was soon adopted out. She came back to ARK recently and surprised us by being a little shy – most unlike her younger self! She soon regained her confidence, though, and is back to being the outgoing, affectionate girl we knew as a kitten.
Her colourful markings are attributed to her being part Siamese, as are her irresistible big eyes, that seem to say, “Let’s play!”

Shishi is a little older than she was last we saw her, but she really wants to have fun. The staff can’t say “no” when she wants a good game of chase the toy.

As much as we love her, we’re hoping she won’t be with us long before finding just the right family.