ARK No. C26-9DD
Arrived at ARK August 202o
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in August 2006
Weight 3.43 kgs (As of September 2020)
Colour Calico
Background Shiratama’s owner was hospitalized and could no longer care for her.

If you’re looking for an easy-going, chilled out and go-with-the-flow kind of cat, then I may be your girl! I’m shy at first but before you know it, I’ll come ask for cuddles and will have no problem cat-punching the other kitties who also want your attention as well. That’s right, under this confident front, I actually get a little jealous! Although it’s a little funny to watch, ideally I would like to be the only cat in the household so I can have ALL the attention to myself! I hope to see you at ARK very soon.