ARK No. C25-86AA
Arrived at ARK October 2017
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in May 2013
Weight 3,2kg
Colour Tricolor
Background Shippo’s previous family were not able to take care of her adequately due to health and family issues. 

I’m Shippo, pleased to meet you. Fun fact: Shippo means tail in Japanese! I’m a rather shy girl and although I lack some confidence, I gradually come out of my shell after getting to know someone. I’m the type of cat that likes to have my own space and not receive too much fuss, but when its time to eat? You’ll see me come trotting over and slide across your legs to get some attention, so I do have an affectionate side. I would love to find a home, where I will be given some space to myself, perhaps a little nook, and people who will be very patient and understanding of me.