Arrived at ARK November 2014
Sex Male
Age Born May 2013
Colour Black & white
Background Shen’s owners could not take him overseas with them.

Meet Xing-fu’s brother, Shen. When they’re cuddled up together, it’s hard to tail what belongs to whom! They may both just look stunningly handsome at first glance, but if you look closely, each brother has his own distinct charm. When we first met these boys, they were in defense mode, and wouldn’t let us near them, but they soon learnt to trust people and even if shy at first, are so relaxed and happy in the company of people (and cats) they know, you can’t help smiling at them – or perhaps with them, because these boys know how to say “we’re happy”. Shen is the less boisterous of the two, and enjoys life at his own pace. But if you want to see this gentle giant spring into action like a young kitten, just bring out one of his favourite toys. And his other favourite thing? His BFF and brother, Xing-fu! We’re looking for a home where the two boys can stay together forever.