ARK No. D50-35DD
Arrived at ARK November 2020
Location Sasayama
Sex Female
Age Born in 2018 (Estimation)
Weight 7.4 kgs (As of December 2020)
Breed Crossbreed
Colour Brown
Background Sesame was rescued along with 163 other animals from a severe hoarding case in Shimane prefecture.

Hello, Yoda here….I mean Sesame! I’m such a cutie with these ears of mine, don’t you think? I also have a beautiful set of eyes and gorgeous reddish coat, hence the name Sesame! I came from Shimane prefecture where I was in a terrible hoarding situation of 164 animals in a single home. Due to this, I’m rather skiddish and afraid of new environments, but that is to be expected. Thanks to the patient staff and volunteers at ARK, I am now about to walk much more confidently, especially when I’m walking with my friends. I may need a muzzle at the vet’s clinic, but I quite enjoy being carried. I hope to find a loving, patient, and understanding family soon.