ARK No. D48-43BB
Arrived at ARK April 2018
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Female
Age Born in 2011
Weight 2.8kg (as of April 2018)
Breed Poodle x Chihuahua
Background Satellite’s owner became ill and was unable to care for her. 

Hello, Satellite the Chihua-poo here….or maybe its poo-huahua, or Chi-dle, or Chi-poo? Who knows! What I do know however, is that I am CUTE! I’ve got these tiny little legs that trot away and I can’t help but jump on people’s laps to snuggle and convince you to give me something to eat. I’m actually a touch shy to start with but after a few minutes I’m all over you. I do very well at the vet’s and I can use the toilets sheets pretty well too. So you see, I’m an all-rounder good pup and I can’t wait to find my own forever family!