Born December 2009


ARK No. 21y
Arrived at ARK February 2015
Sex Male
Age Born December 2009
Breed Chihuahua
Size 3,8kg
Colour Cream
Background A kind person rescued him as he was about to be impounded, but then passed away. In difficult circumstances without a breadwinner, the other family members were unable to keep him.
“My, what big eyes you have, my dear!” If those big eyes were meant to see all the better, I wonder why Sage’s tongue is so long that he leaves it outside his mouth… His legs are not the longest we’ve seen, but we think this is rather a “model” pose he’s striking. If you’re a Chihuahua fan, or even if you’re not – get ready to be charmed by this little guy. When he first meets someone new, he gets a little too frenetic and snaps, but once he knows you, he wouldn’t dream of doing that. Having been a house dog before, he is very comfortable with people. He clearly spent lots of time on someone’s lap – it’s still a favourite with him. He’s happy enough to play, so we’re hoping he’ll become a very happy, friendly fellow. Please come and meet him!