ARK No. D50-24EE
Arrived at ARK June 2021
Location Sasayama
Sex Male
Age Born in May 2021
Weight 3.9 kgs (As of July 2021) As a crossbreed puppy, it’s difficult to predict exactly how big Rowan will be when he reaches adulthood. We estimate between the range of 10 – 20 kgs. For those living in a rental property with a size limit in pets, we feel this may be a problem with Rowan as we cannot specify how large he will become. Please inquire for more information.  
Breed Crossbreed
Colour White and Cream
Background Rowan was born to a stray dog.

What puppy eyes? THESE puppy eyes? I know, I know….I’m pretty darn cute I’m told. I also have a great personality to match! I may be the cheekiest and most mischievous out of the litter of puppies here at ARK but that makes it all the more fun! I love to play, go on walks, nap, eat yummy treats (the puppy eyes work in these instances) and did I mention play? Without a doubt, life will be more fun and active with me in it and having an adorable guy like me around is already an adventure! Being a puppy, I’m looking for a family who will not be away from the house for too long and will raise me with the love, kindness and patience I deserve.