ARK No. C27-24FF
Arrived at ARK December 2022
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in December 2016
Weight 5.1 kg
Background Romy’s owner was admitted to a care home and unable to keep him.

Romy is a very affectionate and lovely boy, who absolutely loves people. He is very friendly and easy going, and even towards strangers, will always come up for a cuddle. Romy has been known to swiftly place himself on people’s laps, as if to claim them, and even crawling up on shoulders to purr and say hello. His rounded body is adorable; however to keep him healthy, we have placed him on a little diet! We hope you don’t mind Romy! Please come visit this delightful guy- just be prepared, you may receive A LOT of kitty cuddles.