ARK No. D41-45W
Arrived at ARK April 2013
Location Sasayama
Sex Male
Age Born around 2007
Weight 20.8kg(as of August 2020)
Breed Crossbreed
Colour White
Background His owner passed away in August, 2011.The person who cared for the dogs got sick and can no longer take care of them.

Handsome Rock has been at ARK for over 10 years now. We are hoping he will be able to spend his golden years in a loving home environment. He is still very healthy, enjoys his daily walks (although they may be a little short) and adores his fluffy bed! He is kind and gentle, with a slightly shy but affectionate character. He is a little scared of the vet’s office and needs to wear a muzzle but is able to remain calm for the most part. He may be an older gentle-dog, but we think he will be a wonderful addition to a family.

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