ARK No. D49-98BB
Arrived at ARK September 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
SEX Female
Age Born in September 2015
Weight 5.35kg (as of October 2018)
Breed Shih tzu
Colour Gold and White
Background Rico’s owner had grown too old to care for her.

My name is Riko, cute don’t you think? At the time I was rescued by ARK, my hair was so tangled because nobody had taken care of me. My ears had not been cleaned in such a long time, that my head has stayed tilted to one side. But don’t worry, I am currently getting a treatment for that! I simply LOVE people and love to be spoilt as well! Grooming is not at all a problem and I like being with other dogs. At first, I was not happy nor confident about walking, but now I love it! I am a good dog so please come to ARK and meet me, I’ve been through some rough times so now I am waiting for a family who will love me very much!