ARK No. C27-21GG
Arrived at ARK October 2023
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in June 2023
Weight As of October 2023
Background Riki was living as a stray.

Sweet Riki here is a delicate soul, but very loving and gentle. Out of the three siblings (Riki, Loki, and Rookie), Riki is the most quiet and timid, but he is still very fond of people and is your typical playful kitten! Funnily enough, when being cuddled, he purrs the loudest! He is very fond of his food and will never leave a morsel in his dish and seems to get along with most cats. For this reason, we think he would do well being adopted by a family with a fellow feline. Riki’s charm point is definitely his gorgeous face and beautiful colouring and we are certain he will grow up to be a very dashing gentle-cat.