ARK No. TD16-16
Arrived at ARK November 2016
Sex Male
Age Born in May 1st 2010
Weight 21.2 kg
Breed English Cocker Spaniel
Colour Grey
Background Quinn’s previous owner had to leave Japan immediately when her husband suddenly passed away.

Quinn won’t have any problem settling in to a new home – his ability to get on with others is nothing short of stellar! He knew right away how to behave with his foster family’s dogs.

He knows how to share – he will bring you his toys, not to demand that you play with him, just so he can show you.

And there’s more! Quinn doesn’t chew things and is house-trained!

He’s just a tad uncoordinated, which we think is part of his charm. He loves his walks though, and is working on being a little more trim very soon!