ARK No. D47-98AA
Arrived at ARK September 2017
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in March 2014
Weight 4.5kg
Breed Dachshund
Colour Black Tan
Background Purin’s previous owner was unable to adequately care for him.

Hi, cute little Dachsund Purin here! I’m a classic “small dog with a big personality” type and I love people. In fact, I love being with them so much I get a bit lonely all by myself. So a family who can spend a good part of their day with me would be best. I’m pretty good with other dogs too and I get on with everyone. I’m very sweet and clearly very cute, I have a beautiful silvery shiny coat! I just can’t wait to meet my special someone I can snuggle up to. Perhaps that may be you?