ARK No. D47-65AA
Arrived at ARK August 2017
Location Osaka ARK
Sex Male
Age Born around August, 2015
Weight 4,6 kg
Breed Pekingese
Background Puff’s former owner passed away. He stayed with relatives for awhile but they brought him to ARK as he bit out of fear. 

Puff here! No really, that’s my name. I mean look at me, I’m one cute fluff-ball. I absolutely love people and when volunteers walk by I try to say hi! Staff think I may have had some bad experiences with people in the past….perhaps even abused. I don’t like being touched places I can’t see and I sometimes turn around and nip. I’m sorry, but I just get a little scared. However, if you pat me on my head, I’m very happy. I just enjoy being with people and I’m sure I will be a good boy in a new home. I just need someone who understands my past situation. With a cute face like mine, I’m sure I can put a big smile on your face!