ARK No. C14-82S
Arrived at ARK June 2009
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Female
Age Born in 2008
Colour Tabby
Background Someone rescued a cat and she gave birth. Finally the person had 13 cats and couldn’t keep them all. We rescued 2 kittens and 9 adult cats.

It kind of looks like I am climbing over the seat to drive a car. Since I don’t have a driver’s license that probably isn’t the case. So what am I doing? You’ll have to come to ARK and see me to find out! I am the shyest of this rescued group. I don’t come out to be play, but when someone calls my name I meow. I do like to snuggle up once I know you. With more socialization I’ll be fine. I am really adorable so please come see me and consider giving me a loving home!