ARK No. TC24-01
Arrived at ARK January 2024
Location Tokyo ARK
Sex Male
Age Born in April, 2018
Weight 5.5 kg
Background Puccini's former owners became unable to continue to care for him.

Puccini is living proof that big is beautiful! With his round face and huge eyes, he’s adorably curvy!

At just 5 years young, Puccini loves toys ♪

Once he’s had a few minutes to size you up, he’ll rub around your legs or jump onto your lap and ask for affection. If he gets it, he’ll massage you gently with his front paws – what more could anyone want from a feline companion?

Spending time with cats is always time well spent, but Puccini will reward you by making you as happy as he is 💛!Please come and meet him soon.