Arrived at ARK January 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born on August 20, 2016
Weight 5,1kg
Colour Tabby
Background Pei’s owner became ill and was unable to care for him.
Japan Times

Hi there, I’m Pei and no need to adjust the screen, I really am that big! I weight more than 5 kilograms- but it’s not that I’m chubby….just big-boned! I am a very sweet guy but I’m not the “sticky” super affectionate type, but just sitting down next to someone, makes me very happy and content! Although I’m living with several other cats at the moment, I’m more of a single-cat kinda guy so I am looking for a family who has no other pets. You see, I’d like to have you all to myself. I hope you’ll come visit me soon.