4 years old(born January 2008)
Brown & White


ARK No. TD12-04
Arrived at ARK April 2012
Sex Male
Age 4 years old(born January 2008)
Size 11kg (slightly underweight)
Colour Brown & White
Background Rehomed as a puppy, Peace came back to ARK because of family circumstances.

Peace’s fluffy, furry ears and tail only add to the charm of this good-looking guy! More than just a pretty face, Peace adores people, toys and food. Just rustle a shopping bag and he’ll be right there, sitting up straight and waiting for a treat, even before you call him. Not one to be shy, Peace loves to show you his stomach. He knows you won’t be able to resist rubbing it for him. The earthquake and tsunami made him a little edgy, but give him a chance and you’ll see what an intelligent, sensitive dog he is. He’s just for someone to play with – for years to come!