ARK No. D45-23Z
Arrived at ARK March 2016
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in April 2014
Weight 4.0kg
Breed Poodle and Chihuahua Mix
Colour Gray, Black & Brown
Background His owner can’t keep him because he bit.
From ARK Due to his behavior we are fairly certain he had some bad experiences with people in the past. Sometimes when petting him for a long time he might bite. If you move quickly he gets very nervous. He should be adopted by a family without children and by people with dog experience.

I was given up because I bit my owner… it seems more than once.

I used to growl and hate to see hands when I first arrived at ARK.

Through some training I can now be held. The staff can put a harness on me.

I even enjoy sitting on laps. I also really like to play fetch.

I even show my tummy now when I want someone to pet me.

I don’t really like vet treatments so I use a muzzle.

My owner never really walked me so going for walks is something I now really enjoy.

I really hope someone can understand a dog with a background like mine and consider giving me a loving home!