ARK No. D47-41AA
Arrived at ARK May 2017
Sex Male
Age Born around 2006
Weight 6.2 kg(as of June 2017)
Breed Shih Tzu
Colour White / Black
Background The previous owner was hospitalized.

When Panjuro first came to ARK, he kept himself to himself and didn’t really try to communicate with staff. It’s hard to believe that now, though – this lad knows how to ask for affection in no uncertain terms.

Panjuro won’t mind if there are other animals in the house, but would really rather be the only one so he can have your undivided attention!

He doesn’t mind being in a playpen, but won’t use pee pads in them.

Panjuro’s tongue seems to find its way out of his mouth rather often. We think that’s just part of his charm.