ARK No. D52-40GG
Arrived at ARK August 2023
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Female
Age Born around May, 2023
Weight 9.9kg
Breed Pit Bull × Plott Hound
Background Opal's owner had to many dogs to adequately care for.
Sweet Opal here is a real gem! She may be the smallest out of the litter, but that doesn’t stop her from keeping up with her big brothers! Opal and her siblings are a unique mix of Plod Hound and Pitbull Terrier. They are all energetic, playful and very friendly towards anyone and everyone. Opal is a real sweetheart and loves to interact with people. She is affectionate and playful and particularly enjoys playing with her squeaky ball, even on her own! She also enjoys splashing about in the local river and eating yummy treats. We are currently working on socializing and training Opal around other dogs, as she’s quiet bold and unaware of how overly eager she is! She is doing great so far. We hope that Opal will find a loving family very soon, to help her grow up to be the best version of herself.