Born in March 2009
Shi Zhu mix


ARK No D40-15W
Arrived at ARK February 2013
Sex Female
Age Born in March 2009
Weight 11kg
Breed Shi Zhu mix
Colour white
Background Her owner was elderly and couldn’t care for her. The family doesn’t like dogs and wouldn’t take her.

You know I am adorable. Look at these ears! I lived with an elderly woman. She became to old to care for me so I had to come to ARK. I was very nervous here at first because I wasn’t used to being around so many people. Now, I am used to it and I am very friendly. I love to walk with volunteers even though I don’t really know them. I am small and cute and would make an ideal dog for any family. I really hope you will come take a walk with me and see how sweet I am!