ARK No. C26-38BB
Arrived at ARK May 2018
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born in 2005
Weight 3.55kg (as of June 2018)
Colour Tabby
Background Oage was rescued by an individual who saw he was being abused. However, that person lived in an apartment that didn’t allow pets and so Oage was brought to ARK.

You would think a friendly, chilled out guy like me had an easy life, but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. You see, I was being abused by someone, but was luckily saved by a kindhearted individual. However, that person wasn’t able to keep me for long because they lived in an apartment that didn’t allow cats and so I was brought to ARK. I may not be the sticky, “pet me!” type, but I enjoy the company of people none the less. When I do want attention, you’ll see me circling around your feet looking up at you with my big gorgeous eyes! I would love a chance at a happy home because after all I have been through, it would be so nice to have a safe place I can enjoy my retirement. The good news is that I get on with other cats too! I hope you’ll consider a lovely tabby like me.