ARK No. D48-19BB
Arrived at ARK March 2018
Sex Male
Age Born in 2010
Weight 7.43 kg (as of March 2018)
Breed Shih Tzu Cross
Colour White
Background His previous owner had to give him up when his wife was hospitalized.

With his beautiful eyes and sweet face, people often ask if Nakamakun is a girl, but he’s definitely not.

When you come to meet him, ask him if he’d like to go for a walk – you’ll find a very happy boy. He may be eight years old, but he’s just a boy at heart. 

Nakamakun gets just a little nervous in a new environment, but he’s never aggressive. He likes to do his business outside, but will wait until you can take him.

Nakamakun loves dogs so much that he’s sometimes a bit much for them. Even if they snap at him, though, he’ll never be angry back. He’s just too happy!

We think he misses his family, because we sometimes find him quietly whining. Maybe you can fill the gap in his life?