ARK No. D52-25GG
Arrived at ARK Jun 2023
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Female
Age Born in April 2023
Weight 14.1kg ( As of October 2023 )
Breed Crossbreed
Background Myrtle and her siblings were rescued as stray puppies.
As you can tell from the photos, Myrtle is a very happy-go-lucky and friendly girl. She was rescued as a stray puppy with her siblings and since arriving to ARK, has made every passerby smile. She is a bright and active girl, who loves receiving attention and cuddles. Playing is a huge pastime and she enjoys the company of her siblings (no matter how cheeky they all get!) Myrtle has been known to lure visitors into her kennel with her cute smile and giddy temperament and sure enough, once you are in, you will be forced to play and give plenty of belly rubs. Myrtle also loves her food. So much so, that she will often be found trying to eat her sibling’s food when no one is looking! With her charming eyes and beautiful white fur, we are certain she will grow to be an elegant lady! Although it is an estimate, we are expecting Myrtle to grow to about 15 kgs when fully matured. As she is still a puppy, we are on the lookout for a loving family who will not be away from the home for long amounts of time. We hope you will come visit sweet Myrtle soon.