ARK No. C26-3EE
Arrived at ARK May 2021
Sex Male
Age Born in May 2018.
Weight 5.2kg  (as of June 2021)
Colour White  Tabby
Background Muta was rehomed by his first owner. However, he didn’t get along with the resident cat so he was brought to ARK.

Friendly, happy-go-lucky, affectionate and fun. Not to mention adorable! All the qualities you are looking for in a cat, so why do I end up in a shelter? Well, I used to have a home but after my owner moved house, I was given up. Another family took me in, but I didn’t get along with their other cat so I was brought to ARK. I’m hoping this time around, I’ll get lucky and meet someone wonderful (pet-free please!). I get a little nervous at the vets, but we all have our fears don’t we? Either way, you’ll see what a good boy I am when you come visit me.