ARK No. D51-63FF
Arrived at ARK November 2022
Location Sasayama ARK
Sex Female
Age Born in August, 2022
Weight 3.6 kg(As of December 2022)
Breed Crossbreed
Background Muffin and her sister Brownie was born to a stray mother.

Meet Muffin! This adorable and adventurous little girl came to ARK with her sister Brownie. She is often complimented on her photogenic little face and cute Shiba-like colouring. The way Muffin likes to stand up and watch the world go by in the puppy-mobile is also adorable! She is a little more reserved then Brownie, however she loves receiving attention just as much as any other puppy! She has quite an independent character and will happily go from playing with people, to playing and discovering new toys on her own. We are currently working on leash training and gradually introducing her to more structured walks and with her adventurous and active spirit, we think she will be a great walker! As Muffin was born to a stray dog, we do not know much about her background, however we suspect she will grow up to be over 10 kgs in weight. She is a lovely girl with so much love to give, so we hope she will be swooped up by wonderful family.