ARK No. D45-25Z
Arrived at ARK March 2016
Location Nose (Osaka)
Sex Male
Age Born around 2008
Weight 14.2kg(as of August 2020)
Breed Mix
Colour White & Brown
Background Mocha was originally a rescue, but was brought to ARK as the owner could no longer look after him.

You’d like a Mocha “to go”? Perfect, than I’m all yours! I may be super shy, but deep down I’m very sweet. I just need some time, I may have some trust issues due to my past (which is unknown) and the only other dog I feel safe with is my best friend Latte. We would love to find a home together, with people who would understand and have had previous experience with  sensitive dogs like us. I love my walks and yummy food and lazing out in the sun, but what would make life even better is a special someone who would love and care for us.